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New KetoneAid – How To Get All The Effects Of Alcohol *Without* Drinking Wine, Beer, or Cocktails


You may have heard me talking lately about how I’ve been enjoying an evening cocktail comprised of ketones instead of alcohol. This drink is a shockingly close equivalent to both the taste and effect of popular drinks like Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, Pina Colada, etc., but without any toxic side effects of alcohol (while I have no problem with a glass or two of organic, biodynamic red wine or a healthy cocktail here and there, it’s been really nice to have a tasty alternative).

The company that makes the drinks I’ve been consuming – KetoneAid (https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/ketoneaid) – was founded by my guest on today’s podcast, Mr. Frank LLosa, a serial entrepreneur who has an incredible track record of success in a number of fields from real estate, to highly technical photography for National Geographic, to one of the first cloud-based storage systems available to the public.

Also formerly an elite Division I track athlete, Frank currently incorporates biohacking to stay competitive in all his endeavors, including a vegan ketogenic diet, hitting levels over 8.0mm on diet alone (as mentioned in a podcast with Dave Asprey, CEO of Bulletproof, where Frank made a cameo at the end).

Beer, wine, and spirits all contain the same type of alcohol, called ethanol. If you’re into the keto diet, you want to avoid ethanol. While many other companies had tried to create a non-ethanol alcohol, none had succeeded. But Frank has a unique ability to find a path where others have failed, and he was determined to use that skill set to find a way to make the world’s first non-ethanol ketogenic alcohol (spoiler alert: he did it).

The first roadblock to bringing the product to market was finding a commercial laboratory able to actually make the ketone ester at scale and under $100 a serving (Dave Asprey spent $25k for one serving in 2015!). Frank and his team were warned in advance that multiple huge public companies over the last ten years had tried and failed to deliver the ketone ester at an acceptable purity level and price.

Frank’s team contacted hundreds of labs within six months to find the perfect partner. Ultimately, they needed to buy all the necessary equipment three separate times to scale from bench to pilot and ultimately to full-scale production. Working together as a team, they succeeded in making small batches of the purest ketone ester ever tested – and that’s what I’ve been drinking.

Visit https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/ketoneaid Code ben will be auto-applied for free shipping up to $20.

Full show notes here: https://bengreenfieldlife.com/ketopodcast

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Ben’s “alcohol alternative” evening routine…05:15

-How Frank got into the ketone industry…09:06

-What exactly is a ketone ester?…13:50

-What exactly is a ketone salt?…21:20

-What’s the difference KetoneAid’s KE4 Ketone Ester and KetoneWater?…35:50

-One of Ben’s hacks for long flights…38:36

-KetoneAid’s KE1…40:11

-KetoneAid’s Snake Water contains no stimulants, yet really “packs a wallop”…42:35

-Ben’s live tasting of KetoneAid’s Keto Beer…47:11

-What would happen if you had both a regular alcoholic drink and a ketoholic drink at the same time?…55:15

-Why ketohol might be a good alternative to giving up alcohol and not replacing it with other substances, like marijuana…57:50

-Has KetoneAid done studies on sleep architecture?…59:00

-Is R1,3 Butanediol performance enhancing or does it promote relaxation?…1:03:05

-Ben’s summary of the types of ketones and ketone molecules, and their recommended uses…1:08:42

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