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Massage for Headaches ♥ 10 Techniques for Stress, Neck & Shoulder Pain, How to Massage Athena Jezik


Stress is all too common, so here are my favorite techniques for stress headaches.
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Massage Techniques in this video:
00:34: Check tension of muscles around neck, clavicles and shoulders, lymphatic techniques
01:30: Opening up muscles of the neck, circular motions around vertebrae and gentle neck traction
03:01: Maintain proper neck alignment with a towel (if needed); applying True Hemp Science massage oil
04:57: Draw thumbs across the trapezius muscles to detect crepitus and tense areas
6:10: Muscle Failure as a result of too much pressure
6:57: Relieve tension around the jaw and temporomandibular joint
08:30: Gentle technique for the temples (stay cautious of the sphenoid bone)
9:31: Techniques for the forehead, eyebrows and eyes
12:04: Neck techniques as base of the skull (gently turn head to the side, stay aware of the ear not being squished)
13:53: Scalp techniques around the temples and ears
19:03: Closing techniques for relaxation
21:35: Neck technique to counter forward head posture

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Album: Massage Vol. 2, Song: Day & Night
Album: Natural Beauty Vol. 2, Song: Nicola’s Song

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