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High At 9 News : Thursday March 16th, 2023


Welcome to High at 9 News

With your hosts, Jason Beck & Rico Lamitte, joined by industry correspondents and daily antics from around the country.

We talk about important topics, shining light on global issues and discussing cannabis as it relates to: Politics, Regulation & Reform. Data & Technology. Science Research & Medicine. Family & Parenting. Art, Celebs & Entertainment. Fitness, Sports, Mental Health & Wellness, Plant Based Medicines & Entheogens.

Together we are building a stronger community, fighting the stigma & creating change.

Coming to you live Monday through Friday at 9 AM Pacific time and High Noon on the East Coast.

Thank you for getting High at 9 with us!

Today’s Correspondents:

Rico Lamitte
Jason Beck
Todd Denkin
Dr. Mary Clifton
Nickolas Wildstar

Van full of marijuana explodes on Highway 101

Czech Journalist Found Guilty and Fined for Publishing Cannabis Magazine

Cannabis smuggling lands Gucci model, strip club server in UK prison

Medical Marijuana Use Has Doubled In The U.S., Study From Department Of Veterans Affairs Officials Finds

Missouri seeing record numbers after voters make recreational marijuana legal

Governor Hochul Announces Opening of Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary in Ithaca


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