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International Cannabis News episode 1 (English version)


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Today in ICN:
– Evictions for growing weed disproportionate.
– Experts put bomb under current drug policy.
– City councils want to arrange supply of coffeeshops.

In the Netherlands, annually 400 evictions take place for cannabis cultivation. This ranges from having a few plants, to professional growers. Excessive and inhuman says PhD candidate Michel Vols of the University of Groningen

The Dutch drug policy under Minister Opstelten is hardened and increasingly focused onrepression. The weed pass, the rock-hard approach to the cultivation of weed, the criminalization of any act that leads to growing cannabis….. and now the introduction of a maximum 15% THC requirement regarding weed and hashish.All weed and hashish above that 15% will be on the list of hard drugs, with all its consequences. Now recently has emerged that all experts and implementing bodies, find this requirement impracticable.
And according to the Trimbos Institute, the Knowledge Centre for alcohol and drugs, scientific evidence doesn’t exist.

It now depends on the Ministers Opstelten of “Security and Justice” and Schippers of “Health”.

In the Netherlands, coffeeshops are allowed to sell weed and hashish, but the supply to the coffeeshop is still illegal. Minister Opstelten offers no room to solve the so-called back door problem. However, 26 of the 38 largest municipalities do want a solution concerning the supply of coffeeshops. 18 Municipalities have their own plans submitted to the minister. Utrecht is one of them. Councillor Victor Everhardt offers consumers the opportunity to grow their own weed. A small-scale experiment to break the deadlock.
Minister Opstelten will come at the end of this year with his answer.
While in the Netherlands the fight against drugs proceeds, we see in the rest of the world a change.

In the United States, two states proceeded to full legalization of cannabis. The support for the legalization of cannabis in October reached historical highlight: 58 percent of the Americans is now in favour of legalization. That figure has never been so high.
Romania is the tenth country in Europe where cannabis based medicines are now legally available. Even European countries with a strong repressive drug policies, such as France, medical products based on cannabis are allowed. The plant itself will still be prohibited.

Uruguay is the first country in the world that consumption, possession, sale and cultivation of cannabis completely legalizes. A narrow majority of the House of Commons voted in favour of this Bill in August (2013).

In Great Britain half a million illegal cannabis growers are active. An explosive rise as more and more Britons grow because of the limited penalties for cultivation to 10 plants. Earlier, the British police said that England is completely self-sufficient as regards cannabis and no import of cannabis is needed from, for example, the Netherlands.

There are 400 home evictions a year because of growing hemp. The impact of this measure is enormous. It happened to Chris and Titi. They lived 13 years with great pleasure and their 3 young children in a little village called Appelscha. They had 500 weed clones on their attic to get out of debt ….
In the meantime, Chris and Titi have another house, a building with a shop that should be restored. With the help of family and friends they are getting there. But the debt has only grown since all costs of eviction is recovered on the family.
This was ICN…..


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