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The Emperor’s clothes are made from cannabis


The Canadian Potcast is produced for Pattison Media. In this episode, cannabis used to be the second most-grown plant in Japan, after rice. Today most Japanese people don’t know that the plant is a key part of Shinto rituals. We tell the secret history of how the USA led Japan to have some of the strictest weed laws on earth, with the help of Japanese activist Naoko Miki. Plus, if cannabis is illegal but sacred in Japan. in Canada, it’s legal and big business. Our producer Karen Habashi goes to the Vancouver Lift Expo to explore the bleeding edge of the pot market.Guests:Corey Herscu: Lift ExpoLisa Petty: Lift ExpoGagan Grewal: Drink MindsetStacey Duffy: All Nations CannaCheslea & Sean: Plant ChekAshley Trevisani: Labs-MartPotcast is the preeminent source for information about and for the cannabis industry. Every episode will analyze the business of cannabis with interviews and news from inside the industry. This show is the tool you’ll need to educate yourself about cannabis and cannabis regulations.Tune in every month for new shows or visit our audio library on The Western Buzz where you can find even more information about everything cannabis related in western Canada.The Canadian Potcast is produced by Everything Podcasts, a division of Pattison Media.

Everything Podcasts Studios
Episode 66
February 22, 2023

★ Episode details: https://share.transistor.fm/s/07f7f245

★ Additional episodes: http://www.everythingpodcasts.com


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