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Will Biden federally decriminalize cannabis? Cannabis Legalization News October 2022


One of President Biden’s original campaign promises was to #decriminalize #cannabis and expunge prior convictions with little done to actually accomplish these goals until recently. Many are now wondering if these changes will have the desired effects of setting the stage for federal decriminalization or if it was just an act aimed at garnering more political support for his administration. So, the big question is: will President Biden actually make good on his promise and #federally decriminalize cannabis before he leaves office?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. The reality is that federal decriminalization of cannabis is a complicated issue with a lot of moving parts. There are many factors that could potentially impact the President’s decision, including public opinion, pressure from other lawmakers, and even international treaties.

That being said, there are also many reasons to believe that President Biden will make good on his promise and federal decriminalize cannabis before he leaves office. For one, there is increasing public support for cannabis reform in the United States. In addition, there is a growing number of lawmakers who are openly supportive of federal decriminalization. And last but not least, federal decriminalization would align with President Biden’s stated goal of reducing racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

On today’s episode, we discuss the potential benefits and pitfalls of the president’s recent announcement and how many people may actually receive pardons. As the November midterm elections approach, the topic of cannabis is coming up more and more in the polls and states are looking closely at how legalization is impacting their economy.

Will Biden federally decriminalize cannabis? Cannabis Legalization News October 2022
Tune into Cannabis Legalization News with host Tom Howard and Miggy420 where we discuss these stories and more with Jax James from Illinois NORML.

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00:01:09 Jax James Intro
00:03:05 Details of marijuana pardons
00:12:16 Kentucky Marijuana pardon update
00:18:24 420 Somewhere sponsor collateral base
00:22:44 Pelosi Marijuana stock fraud news
00:29:07 Federal Reserve bank details benefits of marijuana industry
00:43:29 Name that Strain
00:46:21 Phillipeans Drug bust 2 pounds of weed
00:53:42 Alabama marijuana tragic story
01:00:02 History of the bong


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