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The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain | Dr. Daniel Nicoli


Marijuana is a complex and controversial topic, but Dr. Daniel Nicoli breaks down the misconceptions and medical research for you in this fascinating topic. Learn about the challenges of researching marijuana, how cannabis interacts with different parts of the brain, the epidemiology of marijuana use and more in this fascinating discussion.

Dr. Daniel Nicoli is a psychiatrist working in Willamette’s Clinical Law program through Oregon Health and Sciences University’s forensic psychiatry program.

This program is presented by WU Stream: Bringing Willamette to You. For more discussions like this, please visit http://www.willamette.edu/go/wu-stream.

0:00 – Intro
2:34 – Presentation Starts
58:48 – Q/A Starts
59:25 – Q1: Are there any themes in the conversations you have with your patients? Any consistent talking points?
1:03:20 – Q2: Is it a lost cause when individuals start young and/or begin to experience brain damage as a result of marijuana use?
1:06:15 – Q3: Do you know anything about cannabis use and its relationship with sleep?
1:08:40 – Q4: Can you tell us a bit about the congressional hearing you testified at?
1:11:07 – Q5: Where do you think we are going from here, in regards to marijuana?


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