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Kenetik: How Exogenous Ketones Boost Your Brain Power w/ Peter and Devon


Devon & Peter are the founders of Kenetik Energy Drink, a healthy ketone energy drink free of sugar and caffeine, with a real fruit flavor.

They start experimenting and researching ketones. The problem is they found out that ketones in the market are expensive, taste bad, and are ineffective. From there, they began to initiate their study, find sources, get ingredients, and finally create their product called Ketenik, a high-quality exogenous ketone.

In this episode, Devon and Peter talk about what exogenous ketones are and their benefits, and how drinking ketones boost your brain power. Devon and Peter discuss the different types of ketones and the difference between their products of other companies. Devon and Peter dive in about the help of ketones in dealing with radiation.

Tune in as we chat about the exogenous ketones, the boost it brings to our body, their pros and cons, and the best time to drink Kenetik.

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[0:00] What are Exogenous Ketones and The Main Benefit It Produces?
Exogenous ketones are the molecules your body produces as it transforms fat into energy, and as a result, it is the final output.
One component of kenetik is beta-Hydroxybutyric acid.
Ketones are efficient, clean source of energy.
Ketones are very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
It promotes autophagy, Cellular regeneration, clearing out damaged mitochondria, etc.

[18:14] Boost Your Brain Power with the Magnificent Effects of Drinking Ketones
Using Ketones will boost your energy and strengthen your focus.
Ketenik was increasing both alpha and gamma brainwaves by 18%.
It is similar to how athletes frequently talk about “being in the zone.”

[21:55] Exogenous Ketones: Advantages and Disadvantages You’ll Need to Know
There are four Exogenous ketones: ketone salts, ketone esters, MCT oil, and butane dial.
Ketenik was made because most exogenous ketones do not taste good, are expensive, have a high mineral load, and have hard gastrointestinal side effects.
Ketone salts are not recommended for people with high blood pressure and malfunctioning kidneys.
Some of the salt packets out there also have caffeine in them.

[29:36] The best time to use the kenetik exogenous ketone drinks
Normally, morning is the best time to drink kenetik.
Ketones can be used before a workout to have energy without elevating the heart rate.
When you must keep going at night, Ketenik energy can be drunk instead of coffee.
Drinking Ketenik can satiate hunger when fasting.
There is a study that shows you won’t become intoxicated if you drink Ketenik first.

[37:48] How Do Ketones Protect Us from Radiation and Magnetic Fields?
A study shows 60% reduction in chromosomal injury after exposure to gamma radiation when supplemented with ketones.
Consuming Ketones will help people with the APOE4 gene since they do not metabolize glucose but do metabolize ketones.
People with Alzheimer’s can still use ketones for energy for their brains.

[42:32] Using Ketones to Increase BHB and Handle Reactive Hypoglycemia
Increasing 0.8 Beta-hydroxybutyrate with 10 grams of Keteniks takes about 20 to 30 minutes, and it’ll be above 2.0.
It will depend on a person’s body size and other factors.
It is interesting to see the result of using exogenous ketones to shift faster out of reactive hypoglycemia.

Get Kenetik exogenous ketones here: https://drinkkenetik.com/discount/KETOKAMP use the code ketokamp code 15% off

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