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Jon Frank | Addict to Activist & The INSANE Life Story of DirtyDankNJ (2023)


This week’s guest is truly one of a kind – both in their journey and experiences.. But also in the resulting perspective and insight they’ve gained.

Jon Franks is a cannabis expert, influencer, businessman, patron, cancer survivor and a recovering addict. I’ve known Jon for a few years now and he’s always surprising me with new projects, business ventures and theories on how society and the universe really works.

Our conversation ran the gamut from the obscure to the everyday – covering topics like addiction and finding balance as well as A.I. art and GMOs.

I hope you enjoy this colorful conversation as much as I did!


Episode Highlights:

1:25 – Where did it all start for Jon?
5:30 – “You’re going to die”
8:30 – How Jon dealt with his illness, complications, challenges
19:30 – Going into remission
21:18 – Addiction and escapism
24:35 – Food in our modern era
29:17 – Some of Jon’s movie experience
36:10 – Retro causality and the secrets of the universe
46:13 – Jon can move things with his mind, accessing your powers
50:31 – A.I. art and art as a tool for manifestation
55:24 – Jon’s journey through recovery
1:02:13 – Building new relationships after addiction
1:04:00 – What’s your advice for helping people with addiction?
1:24:59 – The stigma of cannabis, using it responsibly AND for fun
1:31:40 – How Jon got more involved in music and episode wrap up.

Connect with Jon:

Podcast Links – https://linktr.ee/sullybop

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sullybop/recent-activity/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sullybop/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sullybop


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