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Cannabis for Migraines: Study Shows It Works with Few Side Effects


Cannabis is shown to be an effective treatment for migraine pain. That’s the takeaway from a recent systemic review of nine studies into cannabis and migraines, published in December in the journal Cureus.

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Migraines are incredibly common β€” one in seven American adults gets them on at least an occasional basis.

The intense pain of a migraine can bring anyone’s day to a screeching halt.
And the side effects that come with them β€” like nausea, vomiting,​ and light sensitivity β€” can be worse than the migraine ​pain.

In the systemic review, researchers found that the studies “demonstrated that medical marijuana has a significant clinical response by reducing the length and frequency of migraines.”

No severe adverse effects were noted.

Cannabis contains several compounds β€” like the cannabinoids THC and CBD β€” that can help alleviate migraine pain.

As well as any nausea and vomiting, appetite reduction, insomnia, anxiety, and depression associated with them.

That said, you shouldn’t use cannabis with traditional migraine treatments like Imitrex. Taking Imitrex with cannabis can increase the risk of numerous side effects, like drowsiness and high blood pressure.

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