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Andrena Forrest & Jeffrey Shaw with Guest – Sol Ramana-Clarke – The Hemp Solution – 08.12.22


Sol Ramana-Clarke is the Producer of “The Hemp Solution – For Healthy People on a Healthy Planet” a feature length documentary that explores Cannabis Sativa’s fascinating history; its many uses; the forces behind its prohibition and the alternative policy options now taking root around the world; and, its ability to solve major health and environmental problems. This is the 2016 update of the 1995 doco “The Hemp Revolution” that was released theatrically in over 100 cities worldwide.
Sol was born in Melbourne and raised in Sydney before moving to the US where he sang choral music, got a BA in Political Science and Communications at the State University of New York, and worked on political expose documentaries including “Coverup – Behind the Iran Contra Affair” and Oscar award winning “Panama Deception”, and had 2 kids before returning to Australia.
From 1991 to 2019, together with his wife Shanti Ramana, he promoted hemp products and spiritual awakening in their retail shop “Gulaga Gallery and Bookstore” in Central Tilba on the south coast of New South Wales. There, he also made and sold jewellery made from silver and gold wire and gemstones.
Sol’s vocals, flute, sax and didge supported two of Shanti’s CD’s “Open to the Light” and “Live from your Heart” and he produced music videos from each CD: “Kata Tjuta Dreaming” and “Like Prayer Flags we Fly”.

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