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El Dorado OG by Paradise Seeds – Seed to Harvest (AC Infinity 4×4 Grow Tent & Controller 69)


Welcome to another Seed to Harvest Grow Journal and strain review episode, this is the second time we follow a (Paradise Seeds) Creation from seed to harvest – El Dorado OG from Paradise seeds

In this Seed to Harvest of the El Dorado OG, we cover the strain information/parent genetics (OG Kush x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies), the reason Paradise Seeds added this strain to their exclusive California genetics seed line

Ultimately we’re testing to see if El Dorado OG makes the list of the best strains to grow in 2022.

We also for the first time test the AC Infinity advanced grow system 4×4 setup

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LED: AC Infinity ionboard s44 400w grow light

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Strain info:
El Dorado OG indica trichome bomb with a heavy resin count and a finely blended balance of terpenes that brings medical quality relaxation.

90% Indica 10% Sativa
Neurologic-Effect: Focussed, Relax
Taste Smell: Lemon, Pine
Yield Time: 60 Days

Once sprouted, El Dorado OG cannabis seeds will reward the grower with a strain that combines classic OG Kush with Thin Mint GSC.

A performance indica, OG Kush needs no introduction as one of the highest profile strains to emerge from the USA in the 1990s, characterized by its terpene profile mix of fuel, spice and skunk.

The other parent of this plant is Thin Mint GSC, favoured for its unique aroma and potency. El Dorado OG is the result, a plant which has real pedigree in its genes.

Flowering Stage
Within 4 weeks of switching to flowering, the El Dorado OG plants stretched significantly, basically doubling in height; the main stem shooting up through the middle, surrounded by a plateau of numerous lateral branches below.

This trend continued and, after four weeks in flowering, the evenly distributed lateral branches were showing a multitude of tight packed calyxes upon which dense flower clusters. There was already an indication of the over productive nature of this plant, in relation to its oozing resin production. As the plants approached harvest the development of the tops was most impressive, those excessive resin glands pumping so frosty they looked like a snow scene with intensely orange pistils.

These changes were accompanied by a smell so strong that it could be described as penetrating. The highly odorous scent was a terpene swirl of wood, heavy earth and pine needles with a hint of sweet lemon – the plants definitely showing their Kush lineage.

Harvested after nine weeks of flowering, the plants were 74cm and 85cm in height.


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