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@CannaForBreakfast Italian Hemp Sativa Creations


Cannabis for Breakfast

A Special Thanks to our Sponsors this wouldn’t be possible without there support,, and Boveda and Wildfire!

BOVEDA’S PROMISE – https://www.instagram.com/bovedaterpshield/
Every time you use Boveda, we guarantee your terpenes are protected through the original terpene shield.
We not only keep your cannabis within the ASTM recommended range of between 55% and 65% RH, we do something no other product can do: we create a monolayer of purified water around the cannabis trichomes and shield them from evaporation. When this happens, the aroma, flavor and effect you desire are secured.

Our Glass is provided by Wildfire Pro Glass Kootenays Premier Glass artists producing art, scientific, and Functional glass.
Support the community get your glass at –

Hosted By: London Niro
YouTubehttps: www.youtube.com/channel/UCoNPeiw0vA9IUCRDM0pS-rQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/london.youcannagrow/

Support here today! – https://dagga.academy/courses/foundations-of-craft-cannabis-at-home/

Another Way to support London is purchasing a pack of Cunning Folk Beans Heirloom Genetics in Collectable Puzzle Boxes

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