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How to Work With an HRT-resistant Conventional ObGyn- Save Time, Save Money, Get The Best HRT


This is an update on my most recent appointment with my Conventional ObGyn where I won her over using my “Initial Appointment: You are my EVERYTHING Doctor” handout. Get this today and move your doctor to an clear understanding of the critical nature of HRT. Your doctor is a gatekeeper and you will have to win them over to get HRT. Only 3% of American Women are getting HRT today in spite of the benefits. We need a revolution! This is a social justice issue!

Transdermal estradiol, never oral
Progesterone – not MPA, not non-progesterone progestins
Transdermal testosterone, never oral

Functions of estradiol: please share with your doctor and get a high dose

Print off this HRT research and hand it to your doctor!

Email me at jumpstartaip@gmail.com for “159+ Symptoms of Menopause”.
My ebook “Your Initial HRT Appointment Guide” Includes:
2022 Updates for My Story,
2022 HRT Benefits IMS Research Summary,
How Much Estradiol for Your Brain?,
How Much Estradiol in General?,
How to Manage A Progesterone Reaction,
Dangers of IUDs,
How to Accelerate Weight Loss,
Brain Health and Avoiding Dementia,
Autoimmune Complications at Menopause,
Working Well With Your Doctor,
9 Options for Finding A Doctor and HRT,
Preparation for Your Initial Appointment,
Eliminating Food Sensitivities,
Optimizing Hormones,
Optimizing Sleep,
Personality Changes with HRT,
Controlling Bleeding Issues,
Best & Worst HRT,
Diabetes & Menopause,
Black Women and Menopause,
HRT for Women over 60 years,
HRT Extras: what else to add,
Pharmaceutical Dangers,
Pellets & Injections,
List of estradiol functions,
List of progesterone functions,
List of testosterone functions,
Menopause Nutrition Basics,
Comparing Diets,
Dangers of Extreme Diets,
Specific Diet Research, Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Mediterranean.
What Affects Your HRT,
HRT Critical Issues,
List of Pharma Causing Weight Gain,
List of Pharma Causing Dementia,
Recommended Blood Levels for HRT.
Testing & HRT. Saving Money on HRT.
Issues with “Natural Bioidentical” HRT!
Managing Migraines at Menopause.
Evaluating Risky Mammograms and Breast Cancer Risk.
Special Considerations for Attention & Focus.
Using Psychiatric Medications Safely.
When to Add Low Dose Naltrexone.
Toxic Pharmaceuticals.
The Business of Profit-Making Medicine & HRT.
Victims of Fake HRT.
Real Risk of Stroke with HRT Use.

— If making Nutrition experiments: 50+ resources for experimenting with Paleo and AIP diets
— If working on Autoimmune Challenges: Autoimmune Training including HRT Extras
— If working on Hashimoto’s or hypothyroid: Autoimmune Training including HRT Extras
— If working on Rheumatoid Arthritis: Autoimmune RA Training including HRT Extras
— If working on Multiple Sclerosis: Autoimmune MS Training including HRT Extras
— If working on Psoriasis, Autoimmune Psoriasis Training including HRT


Print off the documents in this directory and make that HRT appointment.

Let me know how it goes.
EMAIL: jumpstartaip@gmail.com

Please share this video to anyone with an interest. 😉 Grow the universe of healthy women over 50!

100% Recovery is possible, but only if you work for it. Design your life. Transitions are a wonderful time for managing change. Our lives are disrupted and it’s a time of discovery and recovery!

I am a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified by the Mayo Clinic College of Science and Medicine, with additional certifications in Nutritional Recovery for Chronic Disease: autoimmune, cancer, obesity, and infection. Where does Menopause Education fit into your recovery? Consider my courses and my private, members-only group coaching space.

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