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Sherri Divband on New Earth Children. A Message from our Starseeds. Journey to Truth podcast


Sherri discusses messages from children and their role in the great shift of humanity. Energy grids around schools, sugar, elders and wisdom, nightmares, dark entities, false labels, alternative education, and more.

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Mindfulness and Superpowers

The Ascension

Spirit Animals

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Intuitive Transformation Evolution


Divinely Guided



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// ABOUT Sherri:

Hi, I’m Sherri Divband and I am an Intuitive Life Transformational Healer. a modern-day empath, and a pioneer in the movement of restoring balance in people. My hope is that by helping one person at a time I can do my part to make the world a better place. I believe if one can find peace from within, among the stress, family struggles, uncertainty, and anxiety that life can bring, then those struggles will suddenly shift. I have learned throughout my own spiritual journey that the mind is powerful and it can either work with you or against you. The thoughts that we put out into the world, most certainly dictate what comes back to us.

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