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Blue Dream: Classic Cannabis Strain Review


New for 2022:

A sativa-dominant cross between DJ Short’s original Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, Blue Dream is among the most popular strains found on the West Coast today. It’s almost… too popular. It is easily one of the most common strains offered at California pot dispensaries, and every commercial grower seems to be growing lots of it. Blue Dream is pervasive almost to the point of overkill. Buyers at pot shops these days roll their eyes when they see, yet again, another pound of Blue Dream on offer. It is so common, I found a prescription bottle labeled Blue Dream — that still had nugs in it — languishing in the gutter at the corner of Haight and Ashbury. Apparently, even the San Francisco street kids were over it! But there is a reason why Blue Dream has reached such excessive prevalence. Blue Dream is fast becoming a new favorite among chronnoisseurs. It completely takes over your senses. All you see, smell, taste and feel is Blue Dream. Its bluish-purple hue with frosty sparkles makes it look like it got blasted to Earth from some intergalactic candy land. Its high crystal content delights your sense of touch, teasing your fingers with its resinous stickiness. Its deep, fruity smell is the reason you were born with a nose. For the first several moments, you can focus on little more than, “Holy wha??? Whoa, what’s happening…” But once you adjust to your new altitude, you’ll find Blue Dream to be quite a functional high. http://cannabisnowmagazine.com/grow/strains/strain-review-blue-dreamFor fresh cannabis content: www.uptowngrowlab.live
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