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Off the Hill: Big Biz Marijuana – who wins, who loses?


When marijuana was legalized in 2018, it drastically reduced the number of cannabis-related drug convictions, while also creating a multibillion-dollar industry. But what does the cannabis industry look like today? Who wins? Who loses? Who calls the shots, and what’s next? Our dynamic panel gave us an inside look into what’s really going on with Canada’s drug reform policy on marijuana and much more.

With guests Jodie Giesz-Ramsay, Chuka Ejeckam and MP Don Davies and regular co-hosts Robin Browne and Libby Davies. Recorded on November 17, 2022.

Off the Hill is a fast-paced live panel on current issues of national significance. It features guests and a discussion you won’t find anywhere else, centred on the impact politics and policy have on people, and on ways to mobilize to bring about progressive change in national politics — on and off the hill.


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