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How Cannabis, Entrepreneurship & Gratitude Grow Together With Alex Smith | The Heart Leader™ Podcast


The Heart Leader™ Podcast: Where Heart and Mind Align with Host Amber Mikesell and Co-Host Austin Uhl

Cannabis has been been a target for controversy in our society for over a century. And with the recent legalization of Medical and/or Recreational usage throughout most of the United States, things have become very interesting as the barriers and ideologies around this plant have started to break down.

Our guest this week, Alex Smith, has been a pioneer in the Cannabis industry. As one of the youngest cultivators and owners in the country, his knowledge, awareness and understanding of the plant has helped him become a very successful entrepreneur in a rapidly accelerating industry – a business that’s considered to be one of the greatest opportunities in recent times.

Alex’s accomplishments and accolades are extensive, but his real gift is his ability to breathe love and compassion into one of the must competitive and difficult industries currently available.

Tune in as Alex shares his story, experiences and wisdom around Cannabis, Entrepreneurship and how Gratitude has and continues to play a large role in his journey. Together, Alex and Austin discuss:

▸ What life changing events lead Alex into the Cannabis industry and how they shaped his decision to live his passion

▸ The real truth about CBD, THC & Cannabinoids, including how they can heal us and our pets

▸ What does the future look like for Cannabis – is it possible to create a like-hearted, integrated society with a fruitful Cannabis industry that’s beneficial for all?

This is an education focused discussion filled with unique and impactful stories about ways Cannabis, Entrepreneurship and Gratitude all grow together.



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Austin Uhl & Amber Mikesell

Alex Smith


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