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What is the Certificate of Analysis?


This is the Ultimate, most complete, and up to date video on how to read and understand the certificate of analysis!

Watch til the end to see the awesome clinical cannabinoid pearls i teach ya!

Potency Results tell the customer precisely which cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids the product contains and how concentrated they are.
– Note some Potency Results will include cannabinoids only. Terpene and flavonoid testing are optional.

ALWAYS CHECK the CoA to make sure you see the following:
– The report dates
– The lab name performing the testing,
– The brand and name of the product being tested
– The harvest and batch numbers

You can usually always find this information at the top of the CoA

All the CoAs will have a complete summary page, which is usually the front page, and the following pages tend to be the specifics on the test results, the potencies, etc.

CoAs will look different depending on the lab they are coming from, but the info should remain the same:

You’ll see diff looking CoAs depending on which disp you shop at.

why we care about the CoA and how we can use it to our advantage.


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