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EPISODE #174: Cannabis Breeding and Genetics with Dr Gavin George, Co-founder of Puregene AG


How can we get the most out of the cannabis plant?

On the latest episode of The Cannabis Conversation, we speak with Dr Gavin George, CEO of Puregene AG – a Swiss company specialising in genomics and predictive plant breeding.

We explore the potential of cannabis to produce hundreds of different products, including the challenges that come with it. We also explore the process of plant breeding, how much scope the cannabis plant has to evolve, and some of the new technologies needed to maximise this potential.

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About Dr Gavin George
Dr. Gavin George is a Cofounder of Puregene AG and previously held the position of Director of Research and Intellectual Property, before being appointed to CEO.

Dr. George was awarded a PhD in Plant Biotechnology in 2010 from the Institute for Plant Biotechnology at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

He subsequently worked for 7 years at the ETH Zurich as a Postdoctoral Researcher where he investigated the relationship between internal and external factors on plant growth.

He has authored 14 peer reviewed publications and contributed to 3 books. 
His research was focused on the improvement of various crop species including sugarcane, tobacco, tomato, and potato as well as the creation of research devices for the detailed measurement of phenotypic traits.

As the Director of Research and IP at Puregene, he ensured that the high-throughput analytical, phenotyping, biochemistry and sequencing technology platforms optimally support the breeding activities and global intellectual property pipelines of Puregene.

As CEO he is focused on working with more international commercial partners and academic institutes for the development of new markets for cannabis and hemp genetics and the deployment of complete breeding programs.

Connect with Dr Gavin George on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/puregene-ag/
Puregene AG’s Website: www.puregene.com
Follow Dr Gavin on Instagram: @puregeneag  
Follow Dr Gavin on Twitter: @puregene


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