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Webcast 20: Post Traumatic Growth and Psychedelics


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Episode Synopsis
A lecture on recovering from trauma, aided by the use of psychedelics, acknowledging the impact of trauma on victim-survivors and establish how the use of psychedelics can facilitate embodied growth, healing and wellbeing. A foundational principle is centered on creating safety for victim-survivors of trauma and equipping them with the knowledge to begin or continue growth after a traumatising event.

We consider:
– imparting knowledge
– connecting to the self, nature and community
– body awareness
– facilitating post-traumatic growth

A review of the neurological, physiological, psychological, social and community impact of trauma is provided (including barriers to growth) and will then address how the self internalises this trauma. The speakers then discuss creating safety in self and others through boundaries; community connection; reclaiming and growing identity; compassionate self-inquiry; and attuning to the self and nature.

An evidence-based review of psychedelic medicine in the context of healing from trauma is reviewed with an emphasis on safe preparation, acute experiences and integration. Psychedelics are discussed in the context of facilitating the growth an individual experiences as they journey through the stages of identifying as a victim, to a survivor and then an integrator of the trauma – allowing new and consolidated processing of trauma and re-connection to positive identity and self-story formation. The speakers explore the polyvagal theory and predictive processing of the mind and how these relate to the formation, coding and embodiment of trauma. They then discuss how psychedelics can address this through facilitating entropic, pivotal and dynamic states – drawing evidence-based conclusions on how the integration of these experiences can lead to altered traits after trauma. Internal family systems theory and attachment theory will be discussed as aids in understanding the multiplicity of self and as tools to engage with in the preparation and integration of psychedelic medicine.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:08:25 Part A: Trauma
01:00:18 Part B: Substance-assisted psychotherapy
01:53:00 Q&A
02:07:57 Outro

Bio – Dr Lani Roy

Dr Roy is Psychologist, Social Worker and the Founder of The Signs of Life Psychology with over 15 years of experience. She is a sessional academic and provides field education and supervision across multiple Australian universities. Dr Lani Roy is involved in emerging clinical trials and research projects in the area of MDMA, psilocybin and Ayahuasca. She also is the coordinator of the psychedelic and plant medicine mental health professional network supported by the Department of Health. Dr Lani Roy specialises in preparation and integration in the field of psychedelic and sexual abuse survivors, particularly with Ayahuasca and the vegetelista dieta process.

Bio – Melissa Warner

Melissa is Secretary of Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine, an academic consultant at The Mind Medicine Institute, co- founder of The Australian Psychedelic Society and a member of the UK Australian Young Leaders Forum. Melissa holds a degree in neuroscience and a graduate diploma in psychology. She is a Psychedelic Medicine Integration Coach and an experienced Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, having studied within the Mahamudra lineage. She is passionate about the potential of mindfulness-based approaches to scaffold and accentuate psychedelic healing.


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