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397 The Science Of CBD & THC Healing w. Crystal Miller founder of Chempistry BioNaturals


Crystal Miller is a young entrepreneur and a key founder of Chempistry BioNaturals. She attendedMount Aloysius College for Psychology, and graduated in 2016 with National Honors. In her studies shehad a heavy focus on research, biology, neuroscience, and learning cognition. In 2016, in a collaborationwith one of her peers and mentors, her bachelor thesis and research on pedagogy and personality traitswas published in a Nova Science Publication Series. She went on to teach Applied Psychology at atechnical school for some time before venturing off into the entrepreneurial world. Crystal possesses astrong love of learning and has since gone on to receive certifications in Cannabis Education and NaturalWellness.Listen to the 1st Episode with Crystal on Episode 381 of the podcast.“Education and experience are the foundation of understanding. Learning is as natural to humans aseating. Open your mind, open a book, and discover the world that awaits.”About Chempistry BioNaturals:Chempistry BioNaturals is a small family owned company located in the heart of central Pennsylvania. We strive to provide quality hemp and organic plant-based products to our customers at a cost they can appreciate. Chempistry BioNaturals, or “Chempistry” as we’ve come to call it, was born from our love of nature and, quite frankly, our need for a quality product to provide consistent relief. Aches, pains, and anxieties are an unfortunate, and all too common, result of a life lived. At Chempistry, we believe nature has provided the best tools to combat these daily aches and ails, while working synergistically with your body’s natural chemistry. So, here’s what we’ve done. We’ve taken “this” from one plant, “that” from another, and a pinch of “these” from a few others. Then combined those isolates and extractions into some amazing natural remedies that you and your wallet will love.ChempistryBioNaturals.com_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Shoutout to the sponsor of the podcast:DDP Yoga www.DDPYoga.comAll music on this episode is from the amazing JAKE OVER. Find him on Facebook.This podcast is all about this statement ~ “Be The Teacher You Needed.” It’s a simple statement, with a huge mindset shift. Growing up I didn’t have the right “teachers” in my life. I wish I would have had people to guide me, inform me, and educate me on what was REALLY going on. So, I decided that I had to FIND these “teachers” and learn from them. And I use this podcast as a way of reminding myself of these truths that I’ve learned, and hopefully along the way I can remind you, or even teach you if you’re open to learning.In my day-to-day life I am a husband, father, investor, digital marketer, podcaster, radio host, vlogger, public speaker and lifelong learner.DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a professional educator or teacher, but I am my own teacher. I learn through others and teach myself to remember their lessons.All Podcast Apps SEARCH Rob Z RadioFacebook: @RobZRadioInstagram: @RobZRadioTwitter:@RobZyoYouTube: @RobZShowPatreon.com/RobZRadioRobZRadio.comPlease Subscribe, Rate & Review & send me a message to let me know what you think of the show.If you want to be a guest or sponsor on the sahow please email me at Rob@RobZRadio.comListen to the show on Spotify @ https://goo.gl/RPCjD6iTunes: https://goo.gl/3gMfeiStitcher: https://goo.gl/e4fFfqPippa: https://goo.gl/BYNdVwAlso find me on Google Play & iHeartRadio by searching ‘Rob Z Radio’You can call me directly @ (814) 799-0064Please give me a rating on iTunes. It would help the podcast tremendously.Check out my radio show for the goofier side of my personality:I’m live Mon-Fri 3p-7 EST on Mix 94.7 ~ Check it out http://player.listenlive.co/51571More about DDP Yoga:Diamond Dallas Page originally developed DDP YOGA for athletes like himself who had suffered years of injuries due to high-impact sports. For the first 42 years of his life, Dallas was a guy who “wouldn’t be caught dead” doing yoga, or anything like it.When he ruptured his L4 and L5 spinal discs during the height of his professional wrestling career, he was so desperate to keep his childhood dream alive, he was willing to try anything. So he tried yoga for the first time in his life.Because Dallas (DDP) had so much experience in many other areas of fitness, he quickly started mixing elements of yoga with his rehab and traditional calisthenics. For almost a decade, DDP has refined his program and has become a master at teaching it to others, as well as motivating individuals to believe that anything is possible with dedication and hard work.Along the way, Dallas learned that very deconditioned men and women could do DDP YOGA as well — he was amazed to see stories of people doing DDP YOGA losing literally hundreds of pounds! As Dallas puts it, “weight loss just happens to be a really AWESO…


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