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🧪 Cannabis Pathogen (HLV) Testing with Tassa from Tumi Genomics – Fresh Cannabis News, Reviews, Podcasts every hour!


🧪 Cannabis Pathogen (HLV) Testing with Tassa from Tumi Genomics

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🧪 Cannabis Pathogen (HLV) Testing with Tassa from Tumi Genomics

In this episode, Nick Morin interviews Tassa from Tumi Genomics, we get to learn about her work with HLV detection and how it helps professionals take care of their grow, how her research has helped even in the pandemic and more!

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What’s in the interview?

Who are the folks behind Tumi Genomics?
It sounds like you and your team have quite an extensive background in molecular biology, how did this all start for you guys?
Who is on your team and what do they specialize in?
What exactly is a bioinformatics pipeline and how could you adapt it to testing for harmful pathogens in the cannabis plant?
Let’s talk about your HLV onsite test kits, how do they work?
When will your onsite testing be available to farmers?
How is your onsite testing platform getting much higher accuracy rates?
When you say you changed the chemistry, can you explain in layman’s terms what that means?
How does the app on your phone read the data? Where is it uploaded to?
How did it make the leap from Hops to Cannabis?
What exactly is a viroid and is it potentially harmful to humans if consumed?
When testing the cannabis plant the same plant might have a leaf that tests positive and another leaf that tests negative.
Is there any place you can test a plant with 100% certainty of accuracy?
If a new cultivation group is just now starting to develop a business plan, do you recommend they include an onsite tissue culture lab?
What other types of aspects of functional genomics should be considered when building a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility?
Let’s talk about some of the over 120 other pathogens out there that are known to cause significant crop loss. What are some of the other known molds and fungi that are plaguing the Cannabis Plant?
Does Tumi plan to develop different types of testing kits for other more common plant ailments like root rot, Fusarium, Cannabis Cryptic virus, or powdery mildew?
Are you able to genetically modify cannabis to create higher yields of THC and CBD? Or become more tolerant of specific growing conditions?
Are you spending any time looking at ways to genetically modify a cannabis plant to produce certain types of terpenes or larger budds? Is that even possible?
What is the difference between phenotype, genotype, and chemotype?
What else do you and your team at Tumi spend your time working on?
What type of work have you done in the fishing industry?
Talk to us about your CovidGlow saliva test kits, what was it like to be able to help out during the recent pandemic?
How has business been for you guys, and do you recommend other genomics companies consider shifting their focus to the cannabis industry?

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