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Understanding Industrial Hemp with James Forbes, Co-Owner of Tiger Fiber, The Feels S3E6


Hemp vs “Industrial Hemp” — have you ever wondered what the difference between the two is? In this episode of The Feels, Co-Owner of Tiger Fiber James Forbes helps us understand what these terms really mean and dives into the process of manufacturing industrial hemp for use in everything from buildings and cars to animal bedding.

0:00 Welcome and Introduction
0:35 What’s the difference between hemp and industrial hemp?
2:18 How did Tiger Fiber begin?
5:41 How many hemp processing facilities are there in the country?
6:46 Can hemp really be grown in any climate?
8:41 Do you deal with pests when growing hemp?
11:11 How is hemp processed?
15:12 How different grades of hemp are used
15:30 How is your hemp being used?
18:16 What’s your opinion on the 2023 Farm Bill?
20:40 How do you convince farmers that hemp is not “dope”?
23:55 Why is your hemp baled in different colors?
24:46 What happens to a crop that tests higher than 0.3% THC?
26:21 Closing and thanks

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