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Lec 2 pharmacotherapy Dr. Sanjaya Fernando


President’s Message

Epilepsy is the most common chronic neurological disorder. On average, about 1 per 100 population is considered to be affected. Epilepsy can affect any one of us. The big and small,the rich and poor. It could begin at any time, even after many years of successful life.Thankfully, there are many forms of treatment available to control this disease. Using medications alone, about 70% of patients with epilepsy can be made seizure free. In the balance, other treatment modalities are likely to control their epilepsy in one third. Even in those not completely seizure free, some reduction in the seizure burden is noted.While the disease itself may result in several associated morbidities, the social response towards this illness also contributes heavily to the burden the disease. Ignorance and unawareness about the illness, contributes significantly to the stigma that surrounds the condition. Rejection from society, isolation and loss of equal opportunity for education, employment and marriage are common social impacts on the affected persons. Epilepsy Association of Sri Lanka is a charitable non-governmental organization that was established about 30 years ago. Our vision is uplifting the quality of life of the epilepsy patient. Our mission to achieve this is through improved awareness about the disease and promotion of a change of attitude towards this condition. Some of the greatest persons in the world history have suffered from this condition. Some of them include Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Albert Einstein. In the recent past, many celebrities like Sir Elton John, Prince have suffered from this condition. The disease did not stop them achieving their stardom.Our association is open to any volunteer who wishes to rally and campaign for those affected with epilepsy. I open this invitation to all of you to extend your support by joining us in our activities or by donating towards the welfare of the patients.

Dr. Jithangi Wanigasinghe

President of EASL


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