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EPISODE #172: Medical Cannabis Patients with Hannah Deacon, Mary Biles, Matt Hughes, & Mags Houston


In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Mags Houston from Drug Science, Mary Biles (author of The CBD Book), Matt Hughes from MedCan Support, and Hannah Deacon from The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society to discuss the upcoming UK Patient Conference on 4th Nov in London. 

We discuss the importance of patient conferences to patients themselves, parents, and anyone interested in learning more about cannabis-based medicines.

The upcoming conference will feature talks from some of the leading experts in the field, as well as opportunities to learn about patient experiences, the latest research, and developments. Whether you’re new to the topic or have been following the medical cannabis debate for some time, this is a great opportunity to get involved and learn more. 

This promises to be a fascinating and informative event, so if you are a patient or interested in medical cannabis then make sure you register for free today for the livestream – unfortunately in-person tickets are all sold out!

Date and time: Fri, 4 Nov 2022, 10:30 – 18:30 GMT

Tickets are available through this link: UK Patience Conference

The Cannabis Conversation is sponsored by Lumino – a boutique HR and Recruitment Agency specialising in building high performance teams for the European Cannabis Industry. They work in three main verticals: Commercial, Medical and Plant Facing.

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About Our Guests

Mags Houston

As Head of Projects & Comms for Drug Science, Mags oversees the running of Drug Science’s medical cannabis observational study, Project Twenty21. The study helps to raise awareness of medical cannabis, building more evidence by attracting more patients and prescribers to actively join the project, and educating the public about the growing evidence surrounding medical cannabis for treating a range of conditions. Mags also volunteers for Heroic Hearts Project UK, a not-for-profit that helps veterans suffering with PTSD by providing retreats and education in psychedelic therapy, and is also a Co-director at The Psychedelic Society (UK).

Matt Hughes

Having campaigned for NHS access to prescription his son Charlie since 2019 and the knowledge he gained through experience, In collaboration with Hannah Deacon, Matt formed MedCan Support, having felt there was a gap in education for parents, carers and families. Building a central forum to educate and inform parents and carers so they can work with their doctors to make informed decisions on their loved ones care. To provide a safe space for parents and carers to ask questions about prescription cannabis and feel confident to advocate for their child or family members health care needs.

Hannah Deacon
Medical cannabis expert & campaigner Hannah Deacon is one of the most influential and high-profile female leaders in the UK’s medical cannabis sector. With an international reputation for pioneering change, as a dedicated patient advocate, Hannah also works to overcome barriers to medical cannabis treatment in the UK, supporting better education for doctors so patients across the country get the access they need. Hannah is Executive Director of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, Co-Founder & Non-Executive Director of charity MedCanSupport and Patron of charity Drug Science.

Mary Biles
Mary Biles is the author of The CBD Book, a regular contributor to Project CBD and host of the podcast Cannabis Voices . She is a vocal advocate of greater access to medicinal cannabis for patients and fostering an industry where patients’ needs are firmly held at the centre of companies’ business models.


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