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Does cannabis use affect bipolar disorder symptoms?


Marijuana and mental health links continue to be explored. Questions like whether cannabis could be used as a mood stabilizer in bipolar disorder, or whether cannabis use affects bipolar symptoms are often raised.

In this video, I address the relationship between cannabis use and bipolar symptoms.
I summarize what is known from scientific studies that address the use of cannabis in bipolar disorder.

This is a recording of lecture given to a group of doctors, so it’s a bit technical and long.
Here are the key findings:
→ There is not much evidence showing that marijuana helps with bipolar symptoms
→ People who use cannabis tend to develop bipolar symptoms at earlier ages compared to people who don’t use cannabis.
→ Among people with bipolar disorder, those who use cannabis tend to experience more symptoms and more disabling symptoms
→ There are higher rates of suicide among people with bipolar disorder who use cannabis compared to those who don’t use cannabis.

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