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10-9-22 Sunday Night AstroLive – Kanye Pokes The Third Rail, Mid-Term Eclipse, Purple Earth


On tonight’s SNAL, we get into it! First off, we deep dive on Kanye West’s chart. We’ve been here before, but the complexity keeps revealing itself. From the tight Venus/Mars conjunction in Taurus which lends equal parts of masculine and feminine charisma, to his larger than life Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Gemini, Kanye aka Ye is anything but three dimensional. We also delve into his Moon, a constant theme on this full-moon-inspired show, where it’s his greatest blessing and curse.

Then, we turn our attention to the punch seen round the world, Draymond Green’s thunderous right to the jaw of Jordan Poole at last weeks Golden State Warriors practice. We look at the chart’s of both men and see a classic, hard square between Mars in Libra (Poole) and Mars in Capricorn (Green). In fact, we even see the square being acted out in real time.

Then it’s onto Earth without a Moon. Did it happen? If so, when and what was the Earth like? Who brought it here? And how would it affect astrology if the Moon was no longer read in our charts?

Lastly, we dip into the upcoming lunar eclipse on the mid-terms. Keep your eye on the western states of the USA, especially blackouts and power outtages.

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