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What are terpenes ? Guest chad , Owner of Rare Earth dispensary


This show is to educate individuals on the medical benefits of cannabis.


This store & staff’s purpose for existence is to support education for the people about their own endocannabinoid system, and the effects of cannabis on it. This is the R.A.R.E. motto; to administer knowledge, Relieve Ailments, & Restore Energy to the human body. Be kind, and always remember to SHARE THE RARE!!!

Do you know what cannabis terpenes you should be consuming ? 🤔

Well its your lucky day ..
We will be joined by an amazing guest Chad the owner of @rare_earth_legion_ . his vast knowledge and education of cannabis terpenes and their medical benefits is not something you’re going to want to miss out on. Also check out his website Rareearthorganics.wm.store

join us in the chat and find out what cannabis medication terpenes could be good for your ailments or desires.

I’m very excited for the show and sharing the message that cannabis is more than just a psychoactive drug cannabis is more than THC sativa , Indica are getting high. Us the users The Growers the influencers we need to demand more clarity of the benefits of cannabis.

Join us for the upcoming live show this Sunday 4:20pm. HempWithGG Channel , link in bio . We’re we will be discussing the medical benefits of cannabis AND the different terpenes that play a role in treating many ailments.

Also wanting to shout out my co-host @thehappycultivator23

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