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Mid Week Mini Readings |Happy AutumnI September 21, 2022


Welcome to Mid Week Mini Readings! Enjoy yourself. Everyone is welcome in my house, just leave the egos and drama at the door or you may be asked to leave. I only ask that you be kind to each other in your interactions. Thank You! Now let’s get started!

This channel is dedicated to helping calm, ground, and inspire viewers during these challenging times.

Disclaimer: All readings are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. Information provided is not to be substituted for any type of professional, legal, psychological, and/or medical advice. The discussions contained here are oriented to the education and guidance of my subscribers. Also, this channel is not designed for children and is only appropriate for viewers 18 years or older. The use of cannabis for medical purposes is legal in my state as it is also legal to use and grow cannabis for personal recreational use here. This channel does not advocate the misuse or abuse of any plant medicine for medical or recreational use. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you.

Your gracious donations are accepted with gratitude! If you would like to support this channel your donation options are listed here:

Every donation goes right back into the channel for equipment and essentials that keep this channel current and running except for 10% which is freely given and unless stated as a fundraiser for the following charity,
Our Underground Railroad ~ Stop Child Sex Trafficking Worldwide
For additional information about the artists and artwork offered to raise funds go to this website and YouTube Channel.

Thank you so much for your love, support, and generosity! Namaste’

Music by Bensound.com

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