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Let's Wake Up!💚🔥💨


Good morning and let’s wake up so I can get ready! So I will be using my two favorite products to use to especially in the morning! First I will be using @dr.mayorganics Balance Pro Topical Balm which is the winner of thee High Times Cannabis Cup. Next I’m using my favorite Tincture The Relax Formula. I love using these two together as I get pain relief in 10 minutes and the pain relief over a few hours. Have a good day Canna Fam! Hey Stoner! This is your reminder go smoke if you have done so. Things can only get better! If you cant smoke have an edible, use a Tincture, use a Topical or have a drink!💚🔥💨

Topical Balm:
Dr. May Organics
Simple. Clean. Cannabis
Balance Pro
THC: 500mg
CBD: 500mg
TOTAL: 1000mg
Per dose: 10
10 minute on set time
Last 4 hours
#topicalbalm #drmayorganics #simplecleancannabis #balancepro
#cbd #thc #fastonsettime #painrelief #painreliefbestie

Dr. May Organics
Simple. Clean. Cannabis
1:20 CBD:THC
Relax Formula
Cannabis Infused Tincture
Organic Coconut Oil
Per bottle:
THC: 950mg
CBD: 50mg
TOTAL: 1000mg
Per dose:
Serving: .3ml
THC: 10mg
CBD: 1/2mg
TOTAL: 10 1/2MG
Approx 100 doses
Expect to feel effects in 15 minutes
#drmayorganics #Tincture #painrelief
#simplecleancannabis #THC
#CBD #relaxformula #organiccoconutoil


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