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IT’S WAY MORE THAN THAT: The Extent Of What Cellular Therapy Can Do With Eric Stoffers (Part 2)



In this episode of The Fearless Mindset podcast, Mark goes Round 2 with Eric Stoffers, CEO and Founder of BioXcellerator to talk more about Cellular Therapy. In this second installment of the interview, Eric clarifies that Cellular Therapy is not just about stem cells, and more!


The BioXcellerator roster
Why Colombia is a great place to work.
What happens when you change the lives of people
Cellular therapy is not just about stem cells
The menu for an average visit
What’s the problem with being a CEO


Eric – Stem cell is a science and medicine altogether
“Stem cell is science and medicine, and it’s the combination and application of the science of medicine. That is the real difference.

Eric – There are other Cellular Therapies
“Cellular therapy is not just stem cells. There are other cellular therapies that are incredibly advanced, including CAR-T therapy, which is a specific treatment for some types of cancers.”

Don’t miss out and tune in to Part 1 of this interview with Eric!
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Connect with Eric and learn more about his work:

About Eric: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-stoffers-1853b885/
About BioXcellerator: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bioxcellerator.com/
BioXcellerator.com: https://www.bioxcellerator.com/

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