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@AussyCC Live, Plant Microbiome/ Phyllosphere, ECS, Free Yoga Class involving the ECS, Nano Foliar


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@AussyCC Live, Good Health thru Medical Cannabis, Latest Research Experiments, My University Cannabis slides

I’ll share the latest Medical Cannabis Research, News & Education. Plus this week’s University Medical Cannabis related slides.

This week i am joined by @YIELD SOURCE and @Nexus Connex and talk about;
– Plant Microbiome or Phyllosphere Microbes
– Trichome Microbes
– ECS or Endo Cannabinoid System
– Nano Foliar Spray
– Free Online Yoga Class revolving around our bodies ECS
– Free Australian Government Cannabis testing for ACT growers
– Funny Innovation
– Q & A

I study Plant/ Soil Science & Microbiology at University doing lots of research and experiments. I have 30+yrs solidly in the industry too, 5yrs in Canada. I like to help others (legally) and hear about experiments others have done too.

Cannabis Scientist / Educator/ Medicinal Cannabis Breeder/ Master Grower (LEGAL)

I enjoy educating, research projects, improving the health benefits of Cannabis, playing with the 6 of the 10 plant hormones at different growth stages, Ploidy +, Cellular development, improving Secondary Metabolites production, (MAB) breeding techniques, Systemic Acquired Resistance, Feminized Seed (mold, bug, heat & drought resistant seed), Tissue Culture, Genetic Manipulation.

I won’t work with/ help or promote Illegal Activates. I respect the law and hope you do too.

Happy Breeding, Growing & Good Health to You.


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