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Big Love Strain Review!!


Rockin a new brand from Trulieve “Old Hippy Stash” by The Bellamy Brothers this strain is called Big Love, will it give us the lovin we need OR come up short?? Let’s hit it and find out!! Don’t forget to checkout the info below about the 10% cap on THC they are tryin to put on all Medical Cannabis products here in West Virginia!

WV Medical Cannabis Advisory Board Email- medcanwv@wv.gov (Please put “MCAB Public Comments” as the subject of the email. There is also a petition out now the link is down below be sure to E-sign!! The meeting will take place Jan.5,2022 from Noon to 1:30PM EST!

Disclaimer- I am not compensated in anyway by any company or entity that may appear in my reviews. I pay for all products out of pocket & give the absolute most honest review that I can while I try to maintain some level of entertainment!! I am trying to help educate people about the quality of the company & products as well as the effects of the products. I am not a Doctor, rather just a dude with some knowledge & the desire to help the growing Medical Cannabis Community not only in West Virginia but anywhere I can reach!

West Virginia Medical Cannabis Petition- https://www.mpp.org/takeaction/actions/west-virginia-please-stand-with-patients-and-oppose-the-thc-cap/?fbclid=IwAR3iaUGtuAHO-WrThRNz35yZ7rBeW-NmZLRB4r1Z_0MJrdIcTgNBNkwPnV8

Facebook Gaming Channel- https://www.facebook.com/gaming/SinTheSinful

Insta- https://www.instagram.com/thecorner420/

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