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#283 Tuesday Night Toke, Cross Canada Cannabis Tour


CCC Tour for short. Mike and Liz, are two of the finest people we know……
And they’re a shit load of fun too. So we had to bring them back for round 3.
Give them a follow on their Instagram accounts.
Cross Canada Cannabis Tour https://www.instagram.com/direct/t/340282366841710300949128172295533837087
CrossCanadaCannabisTour https://www.instagram.com/direct/t/340282366841710300949128177977773818032
CrossCanadaCannabisTourUSA https://www.instagram.com/direct/t/340282366841710300949128215735677394707
Mike Lammi https://www.instagram.com/direct/t/340282366841710300949128518126478390867

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If you would like to help support the show on Patreon, you can find us at https://www.patreon.com/user?u=41831743

Cariboo Hart TV is proudly sponsored by,
Hypathetical Genetics,
Not only do we promote Hype’s alleviating auto-flowers, we grow them, we stand behind them. If you would like to get your hands on the official auto-flowers of Cariboo Hart TV. You can contact Hypathetical Genetics,
on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hypatheticalgardener/
or on Cannbuzz https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/HypatheticalGardener

The Sticky Macro,
The best damn cannabis photographer’s in the game today. Check out Colton’s stellar camera skills, over at https://www.thestickymacro.com/
or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thestickymacro/

Colton Bridge Graphic Design,
Need a website built? Colton’s your man. Need some Computer Graphic’s done up real slick, and proper like? Colton’s your man. See where I’m going with this? You can contact Colton Bridge Graphic Design on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/graphicdesignCB/

Cast and crew.

I’m boring as fuck, and I never post anything interesting, but you can find me on
Cannabuzz https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/Cariboo_Hart_Organics
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/caribooharttv/
Twitter https://twitter.com/CaribooHartTv

If you would like to send pictures of your penis to Fluffikinz. Please do so through Instagram DM at https://www.instagram.com/fluffs_gardenz/
Or Cannabuzz https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/fluffikinz

If you think Prophet’s Mom, is a hot piece of ass, and would like to tap it. Prophet will gladly arrange it, and make it happen. For a small fee of course….
If you contact him on Canabuzz at https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/PROPHET

Chef Paula, is a national treasure, and her amazing cannabis infused recipes must be protected at all costs. However if you’d like to get more information, on her delicious cannabis infused recipes. Or perhaps have something in mind. That you’d like to see her make. You can find her on
Cannabuzz https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/StickyIckyCookie
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pjlloyd02/

Sweet Johnny, crazier than two tomcat’s with their tales gorilla glued together. When he’s not popping beans, or growing a jumanji jungle in his backyard, You Can Find him on
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sweet_johnny_farms/
Cannabuzz https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/Johnnywhite3

Drizzt, if you need some crotchety old fart, to tear you down and make you question your lifes worth. Then look no further than his Instagram page, and shoot him a DM https://www.instagram.com/drizztdourden1960/ or try him on,
Cannabuzz https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/drizzt

Beez, is straight up the worlds greatest talent getter, gives the best mustache rides in town, and is just one hell of a nice guy. You should all strive to be more like Beez, and he can teach you how, if you reach out to him on
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beez__lebub/
or on Cannabuzz https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/beezlebub

RaiderDankVader, this dude, is to nice for me to even pretend to talk shit about. We love Raider, follow him on
Cannabuzz https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/dank_vader

The G-Bay’s, indoor/out door they grow it all. Great friends great people. Give them a follow on Instagram


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