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What Are Minor Cannabinoids? | The Hemp Glossary


You’ve probably heard of CBD and THC, but what about the rest of the cannabinoids?

In this episode of the Hemp Glossary, we explore some of the lesser known but just as important cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, as well as how acidic forms of cannabinoids are processed by the plant into the well known compounds we know and love.

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This video in not intended to be used as medical advice. If you have any concerns about using CBD or other cannabinoid products, please consult your doctor or healthcare professional.

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Some cannabinoids like CBD and THC are well known by now, but there are over one hundred other cannabinoids that exist in nature, particularly in the Cannabis plant, with more still being discovered.

Not a lot of research has been done on many of these minor cannabinoids but all seem to exhibit different effects and work together synergistically, which is why isolated cannabinoid products such as CBD isolate have lower efficacy rates than full or broad spectrum products that contain a broader range of cannabinoids.

Some of the minor cannabinoids include CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDa, THCa, THCv and the list goes on. Many are in acidic forms until exposed to heat or light, such as CBGa which is broken down by the plant into THCa and CBDa and then THC and CBD upon exposure to heat and UV light through a process known as decarboxylation.

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