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What Caffeine Does to the Body


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What Caffeine Does to the Body

In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses how caffeine interacts with the various tissues throughout the human body and produces it’s various effects, including potential side effects, safe amounts, and other considerations to keep in mind when using caffeine.


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Video Timeline

00:00 – 00:36 Intro
00:37 – 01:36 What Exactly is Caffeine?
01:37 – 03:03 The Cells in Your Brain That Interact with Caffeine
03:04 – 05:44 How a Chemical in Your Brain Can Make You Feel Tired
05:45 – 07:30 Other Ways to Feel Energized Without Caffeine? AG1!
07:31 – 08:54 How Caffeine Blocks Receptors and Makes You Feel Energized!
08:55 – 09:52 How Effective is Caffeine?
09:53 – 11:00 How Much Caffeine do You Need?
11:01 – 11:54 Caffeine Tolerance?
11:55 – 14:12 Other Potential Side Effects of Caffeine: The Heart & Kidneys
14:13 – 15:35 Is Caffeine Addictive? What Happens if You Stop Using It?
15:36 – 16:21 Should You Stop Using Caffeine?
16:22 – 17:16 Caffeine Used as a Medicine & Preventative Agent
17:17 – 18:49 Creative Ways to Use Caffeine

Audio Credit: www.bensounds.com


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