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NACP Meets – Mo Sativa the Stoned Advocate on Edibles: Cannabis, CBD, THC, Infused Lamb (WATCH NOW)


Mo Sativa – The Stoned Advocate gives us a rundown on her view of cannabis and edibles. We share stories on how to keep calm when makes you too high and how CBD & THC affect your high.
Twitter: @MoSativa
Instagram: @MoSativa
New Age Cannabis Meets is a series that takes a fun, intelligent look at cannabis culture, applications, science, business, and more, from an African perspective. We speak to regular members of the cannabis community (Mmemberville) who are living pro-cannabis lifestyles, operating cannabis businesses, stoners, and just generally anyone who loves cannabis. Join us as we find out how the cannabis community is making positive impacts in their communities. We meet with phenomenal, quirky and brilliant guests who are normal people living normal and abnormal lives. We speak to cannabis activists, doctors, lawyers, and professionals, stoners, canna-moms, canna-parents, weedheads, weedtubers and anybody with a love for cannabis who lo who are involved in the cannabis sector directly and indirectly.
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The views and opinions expressed by guests and hosts appearing on the New Age Cannabis Podcasts are not necessarily the views of, or endorsed by, New Age Cannabis Podcast or our sponsors and affiliated stakeholder’s.


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