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Today, Elodie B., our science expert and product developer of “AlpReleaf Swiss Functional CBD” gives you a quick & comprehensive insight into the benefits of CBD and how CBD interacts with your body.
She will cover:
What is CBD?
Where does CBD come from?
Why does CBD not make you high?
Why is CBD safe?
Where can CBD help you and how?
How AlpReleaf helps you improve your common struggles in daily life?

AlpReleaf creates functional solutions to improve your daily, fast-moving life with the effective combination of powerful natural ingredients, innovative technology and Swiss excellence. AlpReleaf develops products that help you to calm down and relax, to improve your sleep, to ease your menstruation pain, to protect and calm your muscles and articulations, to clear your mind and focus, to improve your skin health.

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Elodie B. is the scientist & product developer of AlpReleaf. She has a Master’s Degree in Chemistry with a specialisation in formulation and more than 10 years experience in the international cosmetic development industry having worked in areas such as formulation, product launch, regulatory and raw material development. Elodie has been an essential part of AlpReleaf since its beginnings, intensively researching and developing effective and innovative solutions to offer you the multiple benefits of CBD and high performing botanicals.


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