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We will research, develop and make available, commercially effective and affordable plant-based cannabinoid medicines specifically for treating patients suffering from cancer-related pain in the UK

First-ever Real World Evidence Study in cancer-related pain, endorsed by the National Cancer Research Institute and led by a leading clinical board across UK Cancer Hospitals.

In this introduction, we have Dr. Michael Raymont the Advisor here at CBD Science. Dr. Raymont’s career has spanned leadership roles in venture capital, agricultural and healthcare investment, tech company leadership and senior Government service, where he ran the National Reserach Council (NRC), Canada’s largest R&D organization. With a background in both science and business, Dr. Raymont has advised corporations and governments, worked extensively internationally, and has sat on the boards of over 50 public and private companies.

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1)First mover to leverage Real-World Evidence to provide accelerated access to Cannabis-based medicines in UK / Europe.

2)Accelerated access: The CBD Science Group are experts at conducting Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies that provide immediate patient enrollment in hospital settings

3)The catalyst is a collaboration between academic research institutions, hospital centres and reimbursement networks

4)Model is asset-light/risk mitigated, portable and can scale quickly while building IP

5)CBD Science Group drives data collection & develops revenue-generating cannabis-based medicine. Institutions get published opening up more access to funding, patients get solutions faster.

Learn more: https://www.cbdsciencegroup.com/

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