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Cannabidiol | CBD | what is it? 2022


Cannabidiol (CBD) has become more popular in recent years compared to THC.

CBD is a non-euphoric compound in the cannabis plant, this means it does not cause a high feeling. This attribute makes the cannabinoid, CBD, a sought-after holistic option for many people looking to enhance their wellness journey.

CBD is known to
Help maintain optimal health
Help maintain physical well-being
Help maintain mental well-being
Help maintain normal emotional balance
Promote a sense of relaxation
May relieve issues associated with normal daily activity
And support skin health too

There is, of course, more research that needs to be done. Doing your own research is great way to get an understanding of how CBD may work for you and your concerns. With over 30,000 studies on the web about the cannabis plant, I’m sure you’ll find a topic that piques your interest.
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In the Market for CBD?
00:00 Introduction
00:52 disclaimer
01:13 the popularity of CBD
01:25 what is Cannabidiol
01:40 the endocannabinoid system
02:05 CBD does not cause a high feeling
02:18 legality of hemp
02:31 more research should be done
02:49 which form of CBD is right for me
03:09 common side effects
03:30 oil tincture
03:41 edibles
04:04 let’s recap
04:21 do your research
04:34 us grown hemp only
04:46 Know your THC
04:58 COA ( lab report)
05:10 the right product for you
05:29 chat with your Dr.
05:51 CBD in non-euphoric


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