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Cannabinoids: CBD, THC, Delta-8, CBN, & more – Medical Marijuana Wellness Webinar, Jan 19th 2022


This week, host Marc Matoza of Marijuana Med Today welcomes co-host Jacody Swor, Community Educator for Trulieve. The topic was Cannabinoids: CBD, THC, Delta-8, CBN, & more, and attendees participated in a live Q&A session following the presentation.

Materials from the seminar and additional resources can be found at https://marijuanaaware.com/psr-cannabinoids-jan-2022

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TOPIC: Cannabinoids: CBD, THC, Delta-8, CBN, & more

GUEST SPEAKER: Jacody Swor, Community Educator for Trulieve

RESOURCES: https://marijuanaaware.com/psr-cannabinoids-jan-2022

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This Medical Marijuana Awareness Webinar was a FREE cannabis education event for people seeking treatment through natural, nonaddictive means like medical marijuana. Join us each week to discover how medical marijuana can help you or a loved one with a chronic medical condition. New topics are announced regularly both at MarijuanaAware.com and on our social media.

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