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💎 Largest Selling Cannabis Flower in California: CBX

💎 Largest Selling Cannabis Flower in California: CBX

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In this episode Nate travels for the first time to CBX’s facilities and gets to meet Neema and his team to find out how they grow the best flower and the philosophy behind it.

Learn with him about the history, techniques and equipment that make CBX a top of the line cannabis enterprise.

From Propagation through packaging, Canna Cribs and Growers Network are thrilled to give you another inside look at the people, methods, and products the country’s top growers use to produce top-quality, legal cannabis.

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General Hydroponics

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Table of contents:

00:00 Opening
00:55 Cannacribs intro
01:14 Do you want a Cannacribs episode at your facility?
01:26 Neema’s background and CBX’s start
04:25 Propagation with Esteban
07:18 Vegetation with Waylz
08:58 General Hydroponics / Nutrients
10:12 Flower with DRO
11:49 Luxx Lighting
12:17 Gavita Lighting
14:07 Quest Dehumidifier
15:27 Highuasca – Strain Review
17:02 IPM with Ty
19:52 Fertigation with The Engineer
20:36 Hyperlogic Water Treatment
22:23 The ark system – Hawthorne 360
23:06 Odor control with CanFan Systems
23:39 Post – Harvest with Neema
26:33 Pro tip by Hawthorne Gardening
27:27 Processing with Danno
28:38 Extraction – The apple sauce
31:24 Edibles with Mads
32:49 Gummies!
33:56 Chron Bons
34:23 Distro with Beezy and Moose
36:49 Sales and distro with Mccooe
38:00 Popular CBX Strains
39:30 CBX Philosophy
40:47 2 jokes about cannabis
41:49 The End

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