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CBD & The Future Of Cannabis Edibles (Edibles Canada)


CBD & The Future Of Cannabis Edibles (Edibles Canada)

It’s safe to say we have all heard the term CBD used and thrown around quite commonly these days, especially as the legalization of marijuana is happening in more places.
– But how many of us really know what CBD is? 
– CBD is the shorter term and acronym for Cannabidiol; a chemical compound gotten from the cannabis sativa strain, more commonly known as marijuana.
– It is taken to achieve calmness and relaxation along with many other benefits.
– It is naturally occurring and used in the production of oils and edibles. As opposed to THC, CBD is not psychoactive, so it is very safe to buy edibles containing CBD.
– Many people are surprised to find out CBD does not make one feel high. It will not give you any euphoric feeling or make you feel altered/sedated.
– Skip The Smoke is into the production and distribution of CBD edibles, and is looking for more ways of making these delicious treats more beneficial to your health than they already are.  
– For most people, CBD has been found to help improve wakefulness. CBD also helps reduce social anxiety and is a good remedy for reducing PTSD symptoms.
– It also helps with some sleep disorders, pain relief, and helps you retain your focus. Quickly you can begin to see why so many are interested in the production of edibles and cannabis products that have this chemical compound.


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