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Ben Greenfield on CBD, Hacking your Brain, Science and the Bible, Anti-aging, and more!


Big thanks to Ben Greenfield for coming out to Mind Pump for an interview. In this interview, he talks about CBD, how to hack your brain, science and the Bible’s effect on it, Anti-aging, and more.

* How we find a little bit of science and abuse the hell out of it. The ways we used to concentrate things to be able to consume. (0:00)
* The science of CBD and its benefits. (5:36)
* Would Ben say he has a HIGH tolerance to caffeine? (10:27)
* Interesting facts on BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) and living your best life. (13:20)
* What is the process of starting a supplement company, market response and challenges faced so far? Opening the kimono on Kion, his newest venture. (19:26)
* The importance of relationship capital in all aspects of your business. (38:10)
* The dangers of identifying with your appearance. (44:30)
* The importance of building a legacy and abstaining from delayed gratification. (48:18)
* Science and the Bible. Is there a built in inherent morality? (55:50)
* What kinds of things to people hire him for? (1:05:15)
* Strategies to minimize jet lag while traveling. (1:13:30)
* The newest science in anti-aging and longevity research. (1:24:29)
* What has he tried that he has since then dropped from his daily protocol? (1:48:06)
* Has he experimented with his cholesterol levels? (1:52:45)
* The significance of consuming the RIGHT minerals into your diet. (1:56:33)
* Why simply the signal of taste could alter the state of your body. (2:05:25)
* His reaction to being labeled the “pseudoscience guy”? (2:08:39)
* Ben’s opinion on the upcoming debates between Layne Norton/Dominic D’Agostino and Chris Kresser/Joel Kahn on the Joe Rogan Podcast. (2:15:23)

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