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The New German Government’s roadmap: Climate, Cannabis And Citizenship


Climate, weed and citizenship : The new German government’s roadmap.
Germany’s no-new-debt rule had been suspended in the coronavirus pandemic, allowing the government to borrow billions to finance its way out of the crisis.
But the country’s next government – known as a “traffic-light” coalition because of the parties’ red, green and yellow colours – plans a return to the rule that is anchored in the German constitution.
In their agreement, they pledged to reinstate the so-called debt brake by 2023.
Maintaining the debt brake was a red line for the FDP, and Social Democrat Finance Minister Olaf Scholz – who will be Germany’s next chancellor – has also long been an advocate of the rule.
The parties also agreed to not raise taxes during their mandate, according to a tweet by FDP leader Christian Lindner – a win for his party which has refused to raise any fiscal pressure on taxpayers.
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