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Smuggling Weed to Race the INDY 500 – TST Podcast #753


Randy Thomas Lanier is a man with some seriously incredible stories. He is a professional race car driver and convicted drug trafficker from the United States. Yes, you read that correctly. Two endeavors that grew together to heights few have experienced.

He is best known for his racing efforts in the mid-1980s, including winning the 1984 IMSA Camel GT title for the wholly independent Blue Thunder Racing team, placing 9th in the 1986 INDY 500, and becoming the Rookie of the Year at that same race. In 1988, Randy was arrested for marijuana smuggling and sentenced to life in prison without parole under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise statute (also known as the “Super Drug Kingpin” law).

We talked to Randy about his late start in racing; how he ascended through the ranks so quickly; beating Porsche; a factory ride offer; how it came crashing down; and how he found purpose and happiness.

Recorded August 11, 2022

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0:00 Here we go
7:30 Cannabis social equity
11:30 Back to Racing
15:15 Boat and weed
17:35 International trafficking
19:25 Racing career ascent
23:17 Thirst for more and more
24:55 Legendary indy car racers
26:12 Legitimate sponsors
27:10 Racing misfits
28:17 Ford Trans Am Racing opportunity
30:55 Giant weed load on ocean
32:38 Team racing and smuggling
33:34 Balancing multiple lives
35:16 Addiction and identity
36:55 Serving veterans and finding purpose
39:15 “Serving” by smuggling
40:00 Ilegal plants
41:43 Plant strength
42:50 Race trailer loads
43:12 Power boat industry drug money
44:07 Paris to Dakar drug running
46:00 Randy’s takeaway
48:14 Recommended Books
49:15 Randy’s book
50:40 Mini Documentary
51:50 2 Bears Racing Collab
52:15 100 Practice Days
54:00 Successful Racing
55:05 Zen attitude
56:00 New legal policy
56:39 1 year since Matt smoked
1:00:00 Matt’s book recommendations
1:02:00 Randy’s release
1:03:20 Ash Thorp next show
1:04:05 Money and car investing
1:05:15 Giveaway

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