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She Blaze | S6 Ep. 10 – “Cannabis Hot Topics”


It’s Labor Day Weekend aka #lastweekend of summer. 🏖️🎢🌿 She Blaze Hosts Dasheeda Dawson – The WeedHead ™ and Ice Dawson – Cannabis Socialite wants to spill some quick cannabis tea on new studies involving cannabis use, Detroit application process, and more. Watch #LIVE on Facebook on Saturdays at 12ish and replay anytime on #applepodcast #spotify, #youtube and many more.🔄🔄
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0:21 Intro ► On Today’s Episode ~ FL Updates MMJ Patient Limits | Cannabis over Cigarettes & Pharmaceuticals | Detroit Licensing Moving Forward | Co-Hosted by Ice Dawson & Dasheeda Dawson | TheWeedHead.com/she-blaze

0:52 DEE HIGH OF THE WEEK ► Rubik’s Cube Magnetic Grinder | Ranges from $15 – $20 | 2.5 x 2.3 in AND The WeedHead’s Special Blend 🌱 Super Silver Haze, 503 Wifi + Tangie 🪄

1:50s ICE HIGH OF THE WEEK ► Labor Day Weekend!!!
Episode Topics
2:20s Hot Topic 1 ► New Limits for MMJ Patients in Florida https://www.wfla.com/news/politics/new-medical-marijuana-rules-in-effect-for-florida-patients/

11:10s Hot Topic 2 ► Cannabis Legalization Impacts on Big Tobacco and Pharma https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/florida-governor-says-medical-cannabis-businesses-should-pay-more-for-licenses/

17:55s Hot Topic 3 ► Detroit Finally Accepting Cannabis Licensing Applicationshttps://mjbizdaily.com/detroit-sued-over-locals-preferred-cannabis-licensing-rule/

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