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The Perfect Dry For Your Wet Trimmed Cannabis! New Walkthrough Video On Drying Click End Thumbnail!


After wet trimming your cannabis, drying on a wet trim drying rack, inside of a tent so you can control the drying environment, and always dry in the dark, this is the optimal way to dry it! Or at least it has been for me! Having complete control of your climate where your drying and no light is essential! Drying inside if a tent works great for this! You hook up a humidifier to keep things above 35% at the lowest to 60%! Or at least that is as high I go, I try to stay between 45 and 50% humidity as I am drying!

You run a carbon filter and exhaust fan to keep air exchanging, and to knock out the smell of your drying buds! I Add in a fan to blow a gentle breeze around in the tent too, but I don’t run this fan continuously maybe for a couple of hours on and off each day, just to have some nice air flow go over the buds and cola’s in the rack! I am a little paranoid of some kind of mildew or mold having a chance to take a hold, while keeping the humidity up during drying!

Drying should take anywhere from 7 to 12 days after wet trimming your buds! Depending on the size of the buds and cola’s you are drying! Every crops drying length is different, but you will get the hang of it after drying a few times! The reason you want it to slowly dry in a humid environment like this, is to allow for things like chlorophyll to break down inside the buds! If you dry it to fast you will end up locking that into the plant! Before it has a chance to break down naturally, and this is what causes harshness when you smoke it, coughing, and bad tastes as well!

You have taken the time to flush properly, so slow dry your crop next, to allow for the chlorophyll to break down and you will have even better tasting buds! Also slow drying will bring out more of the buds terpenes too, and we all love those beautiful tastes! So it really is worth the time to slow things down while drying!

Dial in your tent with temps between 60 to 75 degrees max, humidity around 45 to 50%, carbon filter and exhaust on, I have a fan speed controller too, to better dial things in, to control temps, that will kill smells, and have a good air exchange! I also have a trouble I hang in the tent for checking on the buds and of course to make video of how things are drying!

So when drying, you are looking for the outside of your bigger buds to be getting crispy but still have moisture on the inside! The stalks on your bigger buds shouldn’t snap or crack in half but when you bend them they should crease over without breaking! On your smaller buds and stalks those buds will be dried right through for the most part and snap right off of the stalks they are on! The smaller stalks should be snapping/cracking in half when bending them! When this is happening throughout your buds from big to small it is time to cut off the buds from the stalks and get ready to start curing! The smaller buds being dried and the bigger buds still having moisture in them will even eachother out while in jars while curing starts, finding that perfect happy medium to start out the cure! I have another drying video from the next crop using all the same techniques and equipment mentioned here! This works great and is how I always dry my wet trimmed buds! I will put a link here to the other drying video for you to watch next, it is just more of me showing the buds on the rack in the tent! But it was another good yield!


Duane. & Proud Canadian Cannabis.


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