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The long lost guide: HOW to use Cannabis consciously as a TOOL – with Ryan Sprague – Cannabis Coach.


Episode 15 with Ryan Sprague, Cannabis Coach, Teacher and Cultivator.

He tells us about his interesting journey and how he became a cannabis coach, teaching people how they can use this plant consciously as a tool for connection rather than a substance that can be detrimental to their health – which is unfortunately something that i see very frequently as a health practitioner. Needless to say, I found this discussion very interesting and I hope you do too! Enjoy!


**The information shared in this episode are personal opinions and observations. They do NOT constitute Medical Advice in any way. Please consult your medical professional before hand if you choose to interact with Cannabis. Thank you!**

In his 12+ years of working with the Cannabis plant, Ryan has come to
recognize that Cannabis truly is, in his opinion, the world’s most
misunderstood plant medicine.

This is why he created the “Connect With Cannabis”
program to be the long lost user manual for how to create a healthy, conscious
relationship with this plant to ensure that those looking to connect with it can
do so in a healthy manner & not end up doing more harm than good, as many
Cannabis users unfortunately experience.

Today he shares his journey with us on how he became a Cannabis Coach, what it means to use Cannabis “consciously” and we explore the many aspects of interacting with this plant.

This is a very interesting talk!


Ryan Sprague on Instagram:

His “Highly Optimized” Podcast and “Connect with Cannabis” 10-week program:

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